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Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC works diligently and looks for creative solutions tailor-made for your situation. We devote ourselves to helping you through these challenging times. As experienced family law attorneys, we work to achieve our clients’ goals in a variety of practice areas:


LGBTQ Family Law

Domestic Violence

Mediation and Collaborative Divorce proceedings


Child Support


Equitable Distribution

Post judgment proceedings (change of circumstances and enforcement of prior Court orders)

Prenuptial Agreements

Division of Child Protection and Permanency proceedings.

Gray Divorce

Your goals and interests remain our top priority. Depending on your circumstances, we focus on your goals towards achieving a reasonable and practical solution that meets your objective for you and your family.

An initial consultation is key to educating yourself as to the divorce process. Together, we can discuss what is most important to you and then discuss how your objectives can be achieved and the various options available to navigate family law issues.

Guidance and support in understanding the impact of a divorce involves focusing on your future and your family’s future. While the process can be intimidating, at Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC, we seek to guide our clients so the focus can be on achieving the desired result. Many of the issues are interrelated, but with the appropriate and professional support of Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC, we consider a comprehensive analysis towards moving forward.

About Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC

At Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC, our attorneys care about our clients and their family. Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC provides dedicated professional service. We understand and listen to your unique circumstances as each divorce is subject to your individual situation.

Additionally, our goal is to meet your objectives. We seek your input and encourage you to have an active role in each step of the process, from inception to customizing a unique resolution to your individual circumstances.

Depending upon your respective circumstances, we plan a strategy to best address your situation. There is no one size fits all, and each family’s needs are considered in determining the strategy to apply, depending on the specific objectives taking into account various factors. During these most trying times, at Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC, open communication remains essential.

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