Mediation and Collaborative law

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  • In most family law matters, Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC participates in either private or Court-ordered Mediation to reach an amicable resolution to the issues, thereby eliminating a Trial or judicial intervention.
  • By voluntarily participating in Mediation, families can proceed in a more cost-effective and less stressful environment and jointly cooperate with their attorneys and the mediator’s assistance towards reaching an amicable resolution. Mediation provides greater control over the outcome of your matter and potentially avoids future conflict. Mediation further allows parties to create a more specific resolution to their individual circumstances versus a judge’s legal authority. Given the experience of Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC in participating in mediating family law matters, we recognize the need to review settlement options from both parties’ perspectives, thus focusing on narrowing the disputes between the parties.
  • The Family Court requires all matters to participate in Mediation, both through the State of New Jersey Early Settlement Panel program and in Court ordered Economic Mediation. The parties can request to participate in Mediation at any time during the pendency of their family law matter.
  • Collaborative Law is another option for divorcing families to resolve their dispute without any Court intervention and without judicial involvement. Instead of courtroom litigation or participating in traditional mediation, under a Collaborative Law proceeding, the parties and their attorneys work jointly and engage any required third party of professionals (psychologist, accountants, realtors) towards reaching an amicable resolution.

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