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  • While the entry of a Final Judgement of Divorce and a Property Settlement Agreement may resolve the issues regarding the divorce proceedings, circumstances may arise that impact the terms of your Agreement.  Several portions of your divorce judgment may be subject to modification based on circumstances concerning the custody of your children, parenting time issues, relocation from modification of child support, college education expenses, modification of alimony or enforcement of the terms of the divorce judgement.  
  • These circumstances may arise due to the maturation of your children, loss of employment, retirement, permanent disability, cohabitation, increase or decrease in your income, remarriage, or other circumstances that were unknown at the time of your divorce judgment.
  • The Courts and case law further provide, that based on a party’s specific circumstances, alimony may be subject to modification based on a change of circumstances. This typically occurs after the divorce is entered based on a party’s’ loss of employment, retirement, or other circumstances that may create an additional need for an increase or reduction in in alimony based on your specific circumstances.
  • Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC can assist you in establishing an initial alimony amount and term based on a separation and divorce action that applies to your unique circumstances. Lomberg and Del Vescovo is further there to assist you in addressing an application for modification based on a change or circumstances since the entry of a Final Judgement of Divorce.
  • At Lomberg Del Vescovo & Pollak, LLC, we can assist you in post judgment enforcement and modification applications of your divorce judgement, either through a post judgment motion with the Court or post judgment mediation.

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